by Alisha Jackson

It’s a good week to be a Gilmore Girls fan. Over the past few days, the series has been on teaser overload, and not just with photos and video clips from the Netflix revival.

The series has taken its fan appreciation one step further, and started reaching out to super-fans of the show on Twitter by sending them personalized video teasers from the cast.

Miraculously, nothing about the series itself has been spoiled for fans, and this time next week (November 25), we will all know creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s final four words. Until then, we just have to hope that the powers of the internet continue to pull illegally taped footage from early premieres of the miniseries down.

However, if the final four words of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life do somehow get spoiled for fans, they can take solace in knowing that they may not actually the true final words.

Rumor has it that Amy did end up using the four words she always intended to end the series with for the last line(s) of Fall’s script, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be Gilmore Girls’ last. In a new interview with Digital Spy, the Gilmore girls themselves, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel, commented on the possibility of future episodes.

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“The idea was for Amy to get the chance to conclude the story the way she always wanted to,” Alexis said about the Netflix revival. “I certainly feel we answer a lot of questions in this and we are delivering things to fans that maybe they wanted and didn’t get from the season seven finale. So it feels conclusive but I suppose anything is possible, and I don’t have any expectations either way.”

Hear that? Anything’s possible! Lauren Graham’s answer also left the door open for new episodes.

“It’s hard to say. I’ll be curious when all the episodes are out because this feels like such a grassroots thing – the people brought Gilmore Girls back so I think it’s up to the people if they think the ending feels satisfying enough. If it does I wouldn’t want to touch it. To me it ends in a really satisfying way that could also continue… so I guess we’ll see.”

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Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life premieres a week from today (11/18), on Friday, November 25th at 3:00 AM EST.


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