1. Shia Labeouf allegedly got kicked out of a concert for harassing women. He played Mutt Williams in a 2008 film for this Steven Spielberg mega-franchise starring Harrison Ford.

2. Anna Faris is 40 years old today. She is known for playing Cindy Campbell in the first four “Scary Movie” flicks and now stars in “Mom” on CBS. Who is her A-list actor husband?

3. AT&T has announced a brand new channel, called Taylor Swift NOW! that will run 24/7 as part of its new streaming service Direct TV Now. What actor currently stars in Direct TV’s commercials?

4. Tim Tebow says that when he was signed to the Patriots, Coach Bill Belichick advised him against taking a million-dollar endorsement deal and then fired him anyway. Tebow is now pursuing a career in which sport?

5. Frankie Jonas, the other Jonas brother, got popped for weed possession in Nashville. He’s 16. Which Jonas brother starred in his own reality show, “Married to Jonas,” on the E! Network?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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