1. It looks like Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman aren’t getting back together. Radar Online says they’ve been living separate lives, and are talking divorce because of Danny’s womanizing. In 1992 he starred in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns” as what Gotham Villain?

2. Presale tickets for the opening weekend of “Rogue One” went on sale Monday, and Fandango.com was so overwhelmed that it almost crashed. Felicity Jones stars in the Star Wars spinoff, but she first came into the spotlight playing Stephen Hawking’s wife in which film alongside Eddie Redmayne?

3. Sarah Jessica Parker is heading to Washington, D.C. to open her first SJP Collection store which will feature shoes, accessories, handbags, and her recently-announced SJP LBD collection. The “LBD” made famous by Sex & the City stands for which article of clothing?

4. Leah Remini claims in a new interview that Tom Cruise once pressured her to call the CEO of CBS to have a 60 Minute piece about Scientology pulled from the air. Which daytime talk show did she co-host & then get fired from back in 2012?

5. “Time” magazine put out a lot of ‘Best of 2016’ lists. They named “The People v. O.J. Simpson” the best TV show. Sarah Paulson played Marcia Clark. What other FX series is Paulson apart of?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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