by Alisha Jackson

Unlike Dawson’s Creek, which didn’t secure the rights to Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want to Wait” for home video or streaming, every form of Gilmore Girls features the series’ iconic theme song fans fell in love with in the early aughts.

Personally, I fast-forward the opening credits to Dawson’s Creek whenever I watch the show, because I just cant get used to watching Joey, Dawson, Jen, and Pacey frolic on the docks to Jann Arden’s “Run Like Mad.”

Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t dare change the theme song for Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life, but she didn’t use it either.

Sadly, none of the four new episodes feature the series’ iconic theme song, Carole King and daughter Louise Goffin’s re-recording of “Where You Lead.” Mind you, both Carole and Louise make appearances in the new episodes, and the theme song plays at the end of the fourth installment, Fall.

So why didn’t Amy reprise the theme song for the new episodes? Unfortunately, unless she decides to share her motive behind the change, the theme song withdrawal will remain a mystery.

Thankfully, Gilmore Girls super-fan Rose Tyler went ahead and corrected Amy’s “mistake” by splicing together footage from the new episodes to the show’s iconic former theme song. And she even captured a shot of Lane drumming like she did in the original credits. Check it out below!

How do you think she did?


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