by Alisha Jackson

It was a love-fest between James Bay and Gregg Daniels backstage at Not So Silent Night. Well, Gregg loves James (hence the shirt he wore during the interview), and James loves Boston, so therefore James inadvertently loves Gregg.

“Boston’s always been one of my favorites. Genuinely it’s always amazing,” James said about touring. Even if James isn’t in the area, he always makes it a point to try to stop by. “I remember we did a west coast tour, and we sort of dotted a few extra dates around it and we came all the way out here to Boston because of the love,” he added.

Since James wasn’t the only artist on the bill for Not So Silent Night this year, Gregg had to ask, how does he handle performing back to back with other artists? Does he want to “murder” his surrounding acts like Bruno Mars does?

“It’s a friendly competitive thing,” James said. “There’s so much adrenaline [that] comes at you in so many different ways on a [show] night, if you’re playing an awards show or if you’re playing an actual show with a lineup or festival or whatever, so I can relate to where he’s [Bruno Mars] coming from in that respect.”

“You look at everybody else around you on a bill–everybody else playing that weekend, or everybody else playing that night–even if you love some of those acts, you want to go up there and at least be able to stand up next to them, if not, to be honest, beat them,” he added.

Before signing off, James also teased some very exciting news about his music. “In 2017, I am going to call it [touring] done, so I can actually get together and make some new music, which has already started.”

To watch James’ full interview with Gregg and Freddy, and to see Gregg’s James shirt, watch the video at the beginning of the post.


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