1. The GRAMMY nominees are in, and Beyonce has more than anyone with nine. What is the name of her alter-ego?

2. Yesterday the film Jerry Maguire celebrated its 20th anniversary. Name the famous line Renee Zellwegger says to Tom Cruise.

3. “La La Land” tops Rolling Stone’s annual list of the 20 Best Movies of the Year. The film is about a jazz pianist who falls for an aspiring actress in Los Angeles. Which two actors who also star as love interests in the film. “Crazy Stupid Love” play the lead roles?

4. Jennifer Lawrence says she almost killed a man during the making of one of the “Hunger Games” movies, because she was scratching her itchy butt on a boulder, and it rolled down the hill and almost crushed the sound guy. What is the name of the fictional nation in the Hunger Games?

5. Not So Silent Night was last night and Megan Trainor cancelled last minute due to illness, so our girl Rachel Platten humped in and saved the day! Which commercial can she be seen singing in?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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