by Alisha Jackson

In the hours leading up to showtime, Mix 104.1’s Not So Silent Night headliner, Meghan Trainor, cancelled due to illness. What could have been a disastrous night turned into a Christmas miracle thanks to Newton native, Rachel Platten.

“I’m about to walk on a plane–half of my band is on the plane already–and I got a call from my manager, he’s like ‘get off that plane if you can,'” Rachel told Karson, Kennedy, and Salt.

Rachel continued to paint the chaotic picture for the morning show. “We caused a scene. I feel like we must have made them [passengers on the plane] miss some connections, and I feel terrible about it,” she added.

So how did Rachel manage to remove her band and all of their equipment from the plane? Well, you can thank her charming assistant for that. “I have a really adorable assistant and she said ‘we need those bags.'” After the crew said “no way, ma’am,” Clarissa said “okay, I guess that means that we won’t get to play the big show tonight.”

“[The crew was like] what do you mean the big show?” Rachel said. “And she told them, and they were like ‘we’re getting those bags!'” Sounds like a real life rom-com!

After telling the story of how she saved Not So Silent Night, Rachel started gushing about her Friday night plans with Stevie Wonder. Hear all about it in Karson and Kennedy’s full interview with Rachel in the video at the beginning of this post.

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