by Alisha Jackson

Anyone who saw Kennedy at Mix 104.1’s Not So Silent Night can agree that she was a vision. When she showed up to the morning show’s interview with James Bay wearing a custom-made light-up holiday gown, the topic of fashion naturally came up.

Did James know that wearing a hat would turn into his signature thing? He didn’t predict it, but he hoped for it. “In all honesty, I didn’t know, but I kind of hoped it might become something of a sort of visual aid as far as being known goes.” James continued to compare his hat to Michael Jackson’s glove and Prince’s association with the color purple, but made sure to note that he wasn’t comparing himself to the legendary artists.

As for Pharrell, no, he isn’t mad at him for wearing that hat, Karson. “No way,” James answered. “He’s got his own thing. I’m not going to try to step on his toes.” “And maybe I’ll lose it [the hat],” he said. “It’s lasted the length of this debut album cycle… Maybe it’ll change, maybe it’ll hang around.”

For those who first heard “Let It Go” on The Royals, you’re not the only ones. Kennedy recalls hearing it on the show, downloading it, and then listening to it in her car on repeat while crying. This is just another reason why Kennedy is our (excuse the pun) queen.

Despite Bay’s song placement in The Royals having such a huge effect on Kennedy, he actually had no idea it was even used on the show. “I found out recently that it’s been in a few tv shows,” James said about his song. “In the UK, there’s an amount that the BBC can just kind of use your music,” he added.

To watch James Bay’s full interview with Karson, Kennedy and Salt, watch the video above at the beginning of the post!

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