1. Simon Helberg turns 36 years old today. He plays Howard Wolowitz on what TV show?

2. The first trailer for “Baywatch” has been released. It stars the Rock as Mitch Buchannon. Who played Mitch in the original series?

3. AFI released their lists of the year’s top movies and TV shows. Their favorite movies include: “Arrival”, “Hell or High Water”, and “Zootopia”. In Zootopia what type of animal is the main character, Judy, a rookie cop trying to make a name for herself.

4. Twitter released a list of their top 10 trending topics of the year & number 1 was #Rio2016. What year was Ryan Lochte’s first Olympics?

5. Last night actress Octavia Spencer was on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.” She stars with Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Costner & Janelle Monae in the new movie about a group of women who provide NASA with important mathematical info to launch the first space mission. Name that film.

Can you “lick” Salt?


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