by Alisha Jackson

Netflix focused heavily on Lorelai and Rory’s caffeine addiction while promoting Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, and after watching all four episodes, we now understand why. It was referenced to over thirty times in the new mini-series!

Yes, coffee has always been an important part of the Gilmore universe, but in the new episodes it seemed like series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino gave the bean more airtime than some of her beloved Stars Hollow townies. At one point in the mini-series, Lorelai even declares that she was coffee in a former life. “Everything in my life has something to do with coffee,” she says. “I believe in a former life, I was coffee.”

We have no problem with the Gilmore girls’ shared addiction, in fact, we find it endearing. But is it believable? Stephen Colbert brought up the show’s coffee cup “controversy” to Lauren Graham last night.

Fans of Gilmore Girls have always wondered whether there was actually coffee in Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel‘s coffee cups in the series’ original run, and after watching them theoretically drink so much of it in the mini-series, some are calling their characters’ bluff.

Colbert spotlighted Nathan C. Hall’s tweet about the coffee cups being empty:

Anyone who knows their Gilmore Girls, is aware that Alexis Bledel doesn’t actually drink coffee in real life (a travesty we’ll never get over). Lauren Graham, however, is just as dependent on caffeine as her character Lorelai. And last night, she set the record straight about her character’s coffee cups.

So how is she able to balance a cup of coffee in the palm of her hand? It could be her Wonder Woman stamina and a box of Twinkies, but according to Lauren Graham, it’s just an easy thing to do.

Watch her debunk the empty cup rumors, and demonstrate how Lorelai Gilmore does it in her appearance on Colbert below!


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