Morgan expressed doubt that Gaga and Madonna were telling the truth about their sexual assaults.

By Hayden Wright

Madonna and Lady Gaga are megawatt celebrities who have openly discussed their traumatic experiences of sexual assault and PTSD. This year, Lady Gaga earned an Oscar nomination and the attention of Vice President Biden for her work on The Hunting Ground, a college assault documentary.

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Just last week, Madonna opened her Billboard Woman of the Year speech with the grim memory of a rape she survived in her early 20s. Piers Morgan duly noted those accounts and quickly dismissed them, saying he “wouldn’t automatically believe anything either Madonna or Lady Gaga claimed about their lives.”

Lady Gaga wasn’t having it. She put on her most righteous tweeting gloves and @-mentioned Morgan last night, writing “I’ve work w/ our VP Joe Biden on helping educate people about why women don’t report, would love to share it w/ you some time.”

The pair exchanged tweets and Lady Gaga agreed to sit down for an interview on sexual assault and PTSD: “Let’s do an interview about this & you can tell me why I’m wrong to be skeptical,” he baited.

“Let’s do that & yes Mr. Morgan, I can handle u. Surprised you would question that,” replied Gaga, gracious and in charge. “Was that the 1st question of our interview?”

The exchange ended with Morgan’s customary “my people will contact your people” smarm, but he wasn’t finished. Morgan tweeted some patronizing “admiration” for Gaga and said that before the interview, he’d need to press his meat suit. Then Gaga went in for the kill:

“If you continue to shame me in the process of kindly agreeing to interview with you, I’ll happily do the interview with someone else.”

Check out all the tweets below.

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