By: Eric Donnelly

This parody is so perfect it went viral immediately after airing on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

If you haven’t watched this then what are you waiting for?! Boston runs on Dunkin’ Donuts and every customer can relate to this video. Host Casey Affleck portrayed an “Actual Customer” in the video where they were interviewing people about why they love Dunkin’.

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“I f****** love Dunkin’, what are you talking about” he says in his debut clip. He also brings his buddy Dewey (Mikey Day) and wants him to tell the camera how he loves the “Vanilla NutTaps.”

He even chucks a coffee on the windshield of a guy’s car who says it’s “sad” that going to Dunkins’ is his favorite part of the day. “Go Back to Starbucks!

Check out the video above!


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