"We learned that LGBTQ women and girls are feeling overwhelmingly rejected and left behind."

By Hayden Wright

Tegan and Sara occupy a unique position in the music landscape: They’re powerpop pioneers, sisters, and outspoken gay women. The Canadian duo just announced the formation of the Tegan and Sara foundation, launched to help support and affirm LGBTQ people in the face of discrimination and intolerance. In a letter posted to the foundation’s website, Tegan and Sara explained that their recent concert tour doubled as a “listening tour” to better understand their fans and the struggles they face.

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“We learned a great deal from you all, including much more about the needs of LGBTQ people in North America,” they wrote. “We learned that the lack of federal funding for LGBTQ services, limited training for doctors about the needs of their LGBTQ patients, and severe workplace discrimination are disproportionately affecting women. Most importantly, we learned that LGBTQ women and girls are feeling overwhelmingly rejected and left behind.”

The sisters also name-checked America’s President-elect Donald Trump to explain why this important work needs to happen now.

“We will support the work of other organizations who have been fighting for LGBTQ and women’s rights by raising funds and awareness for their initiatives,” they said. “We will fight against the repressive legislation of the incoming Trump administration. We will fight against regressive homophobic, transphobic, and misogynistic legislation. We will fight for economic, racial and gender justice.”

You can learn more about the Tegan and Sara foundation and make a donation here.

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