By: Eric Donnelly

Thank god CCTV got this on camera.

This is pretty epic. According to Mashable, A truck driver in China was sitting in his truck when a man knocked on the window. He figured this guy was a part of his delivery, so when he pulled out his phone the thief snatched it and ran!


“The truck’s camera shows the moment the thief sprung, and a street camera has also captured him calmly walking away and getting on a bike. But when the thief made a U-turn, passing Huo’s truck on the other side of the street, Huo got down from the truck, crossed over and jumped on the front of the moving bike, taking the rider down with it.”

This was such a boss move — and quick thinking too! Neither of the men got hurt either, which is quite surprising considering the fact he jumped onto a moving vehicle.

Check it out in the video above!


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