By: Eric Donnelly

Drinking wine while watching The Bacheloris a requirement, but when we watched Ashley S. on Chris Soules’ season she made us wish we were drinking vodka, which must be why has created a vodka line!

Yes the crazy girl who discussed who confused a pomegranate for an onion, talked to birds, and worried everyone with a gun during the Mesa Verde incident is releasing — of all things — vodka company.

Since the show, Ashley S. got married and had a cute little baby. According to Betches, she married a real estate guy who she knew from college. The two went to Auburn together. The couple has a baby boy together and they’re starting a vodka company now. K.” Right after Christmas she revealed the news:

The company is called Clearwater vodka and “for every bottle sold, 12oz of clean drinking water will go to someone in need.”

This claims to be their company’s main mission but when you read the “Our Story” it…in the first line… states, “after getting tired of sweet, syrupy shots and terrible hangovers, our team set out to develop the perfect product that not only tasted better, but was a healthier alternative.” Interesting, thought it was to provide clean water to different communities???

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The vodka is 100% gluten-free, comes out in February, and promises to “have a refreshing quality that leave the consumer feeling as if they have just chewed a piece of cinnamon or mint flavored gum.” Sounds promising tbh flavored vodkas can be terrible.

Here’s to hoping this vodka won’t leave you with a hangover comprised of many layers!


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