Wendy’s Twitter Perfectly Nails ‘Legally Blonde,’ Fall Out Boy, & SpongeBob References

By: Eric Donnelly

Wendy’s Twitter account is on FIRE in 2017 — whatever has gotten into them better keep coming!

Their tweets are HYSTERICAL! Recently, they went viral because they shut down a troll, who said they freeze their beef, by calling him out for forgetting refrigerators exist. Iconic.

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Since then, Wendy’s has been tweeting up a storm and making the funniest jokes of any brand’s account. Whoever is behind their handle is a genius because they’re able to make references to a diverse range of fan requests. They deserve a 7-figure raise honestly.

Get ready to laugh….mind you these tweets are from a fast-food restaurant:

Legally Blonde

Fall Out Boy — “Our Lawyer Made Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn’t Get Sued”



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