After opening a fortune cookie they saw their song title "Smile Like You Mean It."

By Annie Reuter

The Killers were more than a bit surprised during a recent visit to Panda Express when they found one of their song titles as the inscription inside a fortune cookie. After one of the members cracked open the cookie and pulled out the message, he saw the words, “Smile Like You Mean It.”

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The title was, of course, a 2004 single from the popular rock band. Taken aback, The Killers hit social media.

“I’m thinkin’ orange chicken for life and we’ll let you off the hook for using our stuff,” the band wrote in a caption on Twitter which included the fortune.

The establishment was quick to write back, but stopped short of saying they will honor the band’s wishes.

“When it comes to #OrangeChickenLove, we always mean it,” they wrote.

When they’re not eating at Panda Express, the Las Vegas band stays pretty active. The Killers will reissue their debut album Hot Fuss on vinyl on January 13 and recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their second album, Sam’s Town, in Las Vegas.

The band is currently working on the follow-up to 2012’s Battle Born, and in a previous interview, frontman Brandon Flowers promised new music was on the way in 2017.

“We will definitely have a record in 2017,” says the Vegas band’s frontman.

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