1. Many names have been floated as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig hinted he would be quitting the iconic role soon. Tom Hardy has now thrown himself into the race as well, but fears that talking about it could backfire and get blacklisted. Name two other former Bond actors besides Craig.
  2. Ray Simpson turned 65 on Sunday. He was the cop in the Village People! Name two other Village People member’s costumes.
  3. The Jamie Foxx thriller “Sleepless” came out over the weekend. It’s about a cop with a connection to the criminal underworld who scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son. Foxx won an Academy Award for Best Actor for what 2004 film?
  4. Hollywood’s apparently giving “Green Lantern” another shot and they’re trying to build excitement by billing it as “Lethal Weapon” in space. In the Lethal Weapon franchise, the Gibson and Glovers characters are named Riggs and ___.
  5. Only three days left until Donald Trump’s inauguration and the end of the Obama administration. Who did President Obama beat in the 2008 Presidential Election to become President?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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