The Killers are also writing songs about Mike Tyson.

By Hayden Wright

It’s going on five years since the Killers’ last studio album Battle Born dropped, but the Las Vegas-born band is recording its followup. Frontman Brandon Flowers gave Q Magazine some insight about their next studio album, set to contain “heavier” moments than you’ve ever heard before.

“There are moments that feel heavier than anything we’ve ever done, not that we’re the heaviest band in the world, but they have a finesse because of our experience,” said Flowers. “There’s also really beautiful things. Lyrically, it’s really close to home.”

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Flowers also teased some song titles and confirmed that some material has been recycled from previous album recording sessions.

“There’s one called ‘Rut’ and we were all kind of excited about what was happening with that,” he said. “Another is called ‘Run For Cover’ and that comes from Day & Age. so it’s eight-years-old. It started with Stuart Price and it still sort of has his stamp on it—but we’re funneling it back through the band eight years later with a different producer. I never got the lyrics right and I think I’m gonna get it right this time. ‘Run For Cover’ looks like it’s got a good shot [of being on the album].”

The band is also mining pop culture history for inspiration.

“There’s one called ‘Tyson Vs. Douglas’ [named after the 1990 Mike Tyson vs Buster Douglas boxing match]. I don’t know why but I think about it all the time and I finally tried to tackle it in a song, what it meant to have this hero of mine get torn down, and then everything that happened after that.”

Little else is known about the band’s fifth studio album, but perhaps we’ll hear new music from The Killers in 2017.

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