Lady Gaga Hopes To Be On The Edge Of The NRG Stadium Roof During Halftime Show Performance

By: Eric Donnelly

Lady Gaga is never afraid to push boundaries and it looks like she wants to raise the bar for Super Bowl Halftime show performances!

According to Page Six, “Lady Gaga wants to sing on the roof of the Super Bowl — and lawyers and technicians alike are trying to figure out how to make her ambitious plan work.” She wants to sing on top of the NRG Stadium dome, which if she did would immediately put her in the history books.

Sources close to the production are revealing that:

‘Her team is worried’ about technical and safety issues surrounding Gaga’s scheme, we’re told the “Born This Way” singer is ‘all for it’ and ‘pushing to do it.’

‘They’re writing up multiple plans about how to safely get her on the roof, including potentially [cutting] a hole in the ceiling of the dome,’ says a source with knowledge of the arrangements.

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No one is ready for the spectacle the “Bad Romance” singer is going to put on for us. They’re trying to make anything work for the performance, including possibly “airlifting” her to the retractable fabric roof, which can open in just 7-minutes!

“A source close to the project says Gaga is hoping to do the stunt live,” which would indicate the performance will not take place soley on the roof, but also on the ground like all the normal performers. If she could pull this off it would be WICKED EPIC!!

Regardless of what happens, Lady Gaga is sure to put on one of the best Halftime shows we will ever witness.


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