It’s only three days until Groundhogs Day. What is the name of the groundhog from a small Pennsylvania town that people look to every year to predict if we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter?

Jerry Seinfeld is taking heat for making a black lives matter joke on twitter in an attempt to plug his guest Lewis Black. What is the name of Seinfelds very popular web-series that just got picked up by Netflix for more episodes?

The Patriots Super Bowl competition the Atlanta Falcons play ping-pong together in the locker room, and they claim it’s helped them both on and off the field.  Atlanta is also home to one of Bravo’s “Real Housewives” media franchises. Which is the highest rated of all the “Housewives” branches?

Charlie Sheen says he regrets being ‘mean’ to Ashton Kutcher when he took over Two and a Half Men when Sheen was fired. What year did Sheen lose his two and a half men gig?

Drake is already on his second career and now he has his eyes on a third.  He says he’d like to be the next Johnny Carson. What was the name of Carson’s co-host?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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