Karson & Kennedy Present: Can’t Drive Kennedy!

1. If a MA driver is convicted of ____ speeding violations within a year, his or her license will be suspended for thirty days

2.If a MA driver accumulates ________ or more surchargeable violations within a three year period, his or her license will automatically be suspended for a period of sixty days.

3.When entering an uncontrolled intersection, you must _________ and proceed if the way is clear.

4.The blue sign represents the availability of:

5.To reduce the effects of glare from oncoming headlights, do not stare directly at the headlights, instead, you should:

6.It is illegal to follow _________ behind an emergency vehicle responding to an alarm:

7.You are tailgating if you:

8.A white diamond symbol on the lane indicates that

9.When driving behind another vehicle, you must use _________ for keeping a safe distance between the vehicles.

Can you pass this driving test?

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