By: Eric Donnelly

Last summer, Coldplay performed a special show at the MIX Beach House!

During the performance, Chris Martin talked about one of his favorite songs at the moment, which the band covers. The song is Mike Posner’s “I Took A Pill In Ibiza!”

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“Yeah I saw a video of that and it was pretty awesome” Posner revealed.”I was blown away. He’s been very vocal, he hasn’t been shy about showing his love for that song. He’s obviously a song write that I am a fan of and someone who’s music I like and respect, so when you hear that from someone you like it means a lot!”

The “Buried In Detroit” singer went on to share another story of a time he hung out with the Coldplay front man. “We both were in Columbus at the same time and he had my entire band to the show, he ate dinner with the band and talked to us and shared wisdom. Good guy, good guy.”

How crazy is that — Mike Posner watched a video from our MIX Beach House!


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