Can’t Beat Kennedy: Michelle From Weymouth

  1. A new list of couples who started out as co-stars has been released. It includes Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, who starred in which 2012 comedy about a Manhattan couple rattled by unemployment who ultimately decide to live on a rural commune where free love rules?
  2. Aaron Carter says his first crush was Sandra Bullock, but when he finally got to meet her, he let out a little bad air, and she smelled it.┬áHe appeared as Hilary Duff’s love interest when he was a kid on the Christmas episode of this Disney Channel series.
  3. The Weeknd is 27 years old today. Name 1 of the 2 songs he performed last weekend at the Grammys.
  4. The Patriots are getting their own movie!! It’ll cover everything from Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension to the historic Superbowl 51 comeback. No details yet besides that it’s being written by a guy named Paul Tamasy who wrote the 1997 hit “Air Bud” about a dog that played which sport?
  5. Some awesome Patrick Swayze memorabilia is hitting the auction block in April, including his leather jacket from “Dirty Dancing”, his maroon shirt from “Ghost”, and his surfboard from “Point Break”. Which of those movies came first?

Can you beat Kennedy?

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