1. The internet is aflutter with the weird thing Angelina Jolie is eating with her kids in Cambodia. What is it?
  2. Congratulations are in order for Amber Tamblyn and husband David Cross as the couple welcomed their fist child together, a baby girl whose real name has not been released. Which 2005 film did she star in alongside Blake Lively, America Ferrera, and Alexis Bledel?
  3. NBC’s This Is Us is officially the highest-rated new show on broadcast TV. The show stars Mandy Moore and was created by Dan Fogelman, who also wrote the screenplay for this Disney animated movie based on Rapunzel, who is voiced by Mandy Moore. Name the movie.
  4. It’s being reported that Mama June from Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has a new show called¬†From Not to Hot¬†that documents her weight loss from 460 pounds to a size 4. Honey Boo Boo is her youngest daughter.What is her oldest daughter’s nickname?
  5. Tom Brady posted a board of suspects who may have stolen his Super Bowl game jersey including Lady Gaga, Gollum, Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer, and his own teammate Julian Edelman. Which animal is Dora’s sidekick on the children’s show?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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