On this date 14 years ago Mr. Rogers died at the age of 74 from stomach cancer. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood aired from the 1960’s until 2007 on what network?

Actor Sean Astin will turned 46 years over the weekend.. He played Sam in Lord of the Rings, Mikey in Goonies and a plucky Notre Dame Football player who made the team despite significant obstacles in this true story turned classic film.

The 89th Annual Academy Awards were held last night. Moonlight won Best Picture after some confusion. What is the official name of the statuette given to winners?

Oprah doesn’t regret never having kids. Quote, “I didn’t want babies. I wouldn’t have been a good mom for babies. I don’t have the patience.”  Which of these three celebrities is the one that HAS children.

The next limited edition Oreos are called firework oreos. They have little red and blue exploding candies like Pop Rocks mixed in with the cream and they should probably be out in the summer.  Nabisco owns Oreo products. The word Nabisco is a shortened word for the full name of the company, and that is?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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