Can’t Beat Kennedy: Michelle From Lowell

1) Lebron James says he cried during “The Lion King”. What is the name of Simba’s Father who dies during the Lion King? 

2) Six years ago today Charlie Sheen was fired from Two and a Half Men. He played character Charlie Harper for 8 seasons before being replaced What was
Charlie’s profession on the show? Jingle Writer, Ad Spokesperson, trust fund baby

3) Bryan Cranston is 61 years old today. He’s taking over as Zordon in the Power Rangers Reboot. Originally when the Power Rangers came out they were called
the “Mighty ____ Power Rangers”  

4) “Logan” came out over the weekend and according to Hugh Jackman it will be the last time he portrays his iconic X-Men Character Wolverine on the big
screen. How long has Jackman been Wolverine? 10 years, 13 years or 17 years?

5) Arnold Schwarzenegger says he’s leaving “The New Celebrity Apprentice” after just one season because he didn’t like the “baggage” caused by Donald Trump.
But Trump claims Arnold was fired. Arnold was married to Maria Shriver, who is of what relationship to President John F. Kennedy?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?

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