Starburst revealed that it will be releasing all-pink packages of candies for a limited time next month. What flavor is the pink starburst?

Joe Jonas says he’d do another “Camp Rock” movie under one condition, quote, “If it made sense, for all of us. It would be funny to do a spin on it, an adult film, an R-rated film.” The Camp Rock movies starred The Jonas Brothers & which famous singer who co-headlined the Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas last year?

Brittany Snow is 31 years old today. Her first major break was back in 2006 when she starred in John Tucker Must Die alongside this famous actress who played her mother know for her shoots in Playboy magazine & hosting the famous MTV dating show Singled Out. Name that actress.

On the Today Show yesterday, Ed Sheeran announced his North American tour kicking off in June! So far Ed has named all 3 of his major albums after math symbols including his latest album entitled what?

Gabourey Sidibe had weight loss surgery last year, but she doesn’t want to get too skinny, she says she just wants to be a little cubby! She’s well known for her major movie role back in 2009 as Precious & is now starring as Becky on which Fox drama?



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