1) It’s only 7 days until Saint Patricks Day! In one of the old legends of Saint Patrick, he was credited with driving what animal out of Ireland?
Snakes, Wolves or Bears?

2) Singer Bobby McFerrin turns 67 years old today. He’s a one hit wonder whose big song was entitled “Don’t Worry Be ____” 

3) Kristen Bell admitted during an interview that her husband Dax Shepard once Googled “How to get away with murdering my husband” on her phone, so if
anything ever happens to him, she’s kinda screwed. Name the Disney Princess Bell voiced in 2014.

4) Eva Mendes is finally clearing up the confusion about not appearing with her man Ryan Gosling on the red carpet this awards season saying, “what people
don’t know about me is I love being home, instead of hitting the red carpet, I’d rather be with our girls.” Gosling was nominated for a slew of awards
this year for his work in La La Land, which award did he actually win? – GOLDEN GLOBE, OSCAR, SAG AWARD, TONY

5) Several websites are reporting that J Lo is now dating former New York Yankee’s player Alex Rodriguez. Which of these women has A Rod NOT been

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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