By Rami Abou-Sabe

Karson, Kennedy, and Salt caught up with The Band Perry backstage at the Mix Lounge on Thursday (Mar. 9) to get the scoop on the band’s latest sound.

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“We didn’t really set out to make a country album or a pop album with this third effort,” said vocalist Kimberly “We really wanted to make a Band Perry record that was representative of everything that we’re listening to and loving.”

Expanding on their current influences Kimberly added, “We really love 808’s and big drum beats, and we wanted to play with those!”

“So does Kanye West!” Karson noted about the production techniques.

“Yeah, exactly! And Chance the Rapper we’re huge fans of,” Kimberly revealed. The independent rap superstar took the industry by storm with last year’s Coloring Book, and clearly had a big influence on country’s favorite family.

The country group surprised critics and fans alike with news their third effort would highlight a slick new sound and an updated image. Referring to the use of drum pads and chopped-and-screwed mandolin parts, brother and band member Neil explained “We still have a lot of the same elements that people are used to, but we did it in a new way.”

While their sound might be different, Kimberly and co. are confident the soul of their music is still intact. “Country music is all about honesty,” she says. “This is us bringing our most honest self to our fans, and they’re loving it. They expect us to do the unexpected at this point.”


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