By: Eric Donnelly

This might be the cutest thing you’ll see all day!

Buzzfeed reports that Mountain Butorac took his Goddaughter to see the Pope today. He took the 3-year-old Estella to St. Peter’s Square in Rome where they waited for three hours for a chance to see the Pope.

“Butorac told BuzzFeed News that Estella was getting restless waiting for the pope until one of his team invited her over to go and meet him. ‘She was excited,’ he said. The pope greeted her with a kiss on the cheek…” Little did the Pope know he was in for a surprise!

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“It’s exciting! I’m sure every godparent would love for their godchild to meet the Holy Father. Mine just did and it was not only a special holy moment, but hilarious too!” You can see in the video even the Holy Father thought it was hysterical. Immediately the tweet went viral because of how darn cute it is.

People on Twitter can’t stop talking about how adorable Estella is!


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