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There’s a long running joke that actor Rupert Grint, of Harry Potter fame, and Ed Sheeran look a lot alike.

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Grint took that joke to the next level with a new bit on MTV’s After Hours. Host Josh Horowitz pretends to introduce Sheeran for a performance, and out walks Rupert in full Ed attire. But he can’t play the song without getting something off his chest first. “I want to say something, the truth is Ed isn’t real,” Grint says, ripping off fake tattoo sleeves.

“After Potter all I wanted to do was stretch myself, create some real magic,” Rupert continues “so I created a character, he’d have the voice of an angel and possibly wispy facial hair, so I bought a guitar and a bunch of flannel and I called him Ed.”

Perhaps the best moment is Grint contending that even Sheeran’s love for cats is a ruse: “I hate cats, all of them, mine, Taylor’s I’m f—ing allergic to them.”

Sheeran appeared to approved of the skit, tweeting it with the caption “Rupert you lad.”

Check out the full sketch below.

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