“CHIPs” bombed in the box office this weekend only taking in $7.6 million. Dax Shepard stars and directed the movie. He is married to Kristen Bell, the voice actress for Princess Anna from Frozen. What is the name of Anna’s snowman sidekick?

E! News has put together a list of the highest paid sitcom actors of all time. Charlie Sheen tops the lost from his run on Two and a Half Men, and Anger Management. But #2 might surprise you, this actor brought home a whipping $1.8 million per episode by the end of his shows run.

25 years ago today in 1992. “White Men Can’t Jump” was released in theaters. It was about two basketball hustlers, one black one white who join forces to double their chances on the court. Name the two actors from the film.

Mindy Kaling accepted dinner date with Sen. Cory Booker after ‘dissing Newark’ on her show The Mindy Project. Mindy got her start on the popular sitcom The Office playing Kelly Kapoor. What is the name of the paper company that the cast worked for on the show?

The new “Power Rangers” movie came out over the weekend. What is the name of the Power Rangers Mentor in the franchise, played by Bryan Cranston in the new film.

Can you beat Kennedy?


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