Can’t Beat Kennedy: Kristen From Watertown

  1. A producer from “Frozen” says that Elsa was originally an evil super-villain who’d been dumped at the altar, but they wanted the characters to be more relatable. Idina Menzel voices Elsa. In which Broadway musical and its film adaptation did Menzel star?
  2. A Harry Potter reunion just happened between Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Professor Flitwick, and Griphook at the opening of the new section of the Warner Bros. Studios Tour in London which is a walk through the infamous forest. What is the forest’s name in Harry Potter?
  3. Crayola just announced which one of their core colors they’re retiring. They’re taking the Dandelion crayon out of their box of 24 and killing it off for good. Crayola first came out in 1903, how many colors were in the original box?
  4. 22 years ago in 1995 pop sensation Selena was shot to death in Corpus Christi by the founder of her fan club. Yolanda Saldivar was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. What pop star played her in the 1997 movie about her life?
  5. Elvis and Joe Walsh fans can spend the weekend of May 6th at Graceland, touring the mansion and seeing an intimate, acoustic show by Joe. Packages cost between $1,500 and $2,000. In what city and state is Graceland located?

Can you beat Kennedy?

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