Mel B is in the middle of a divorce, and her husband’s brother says it’s because they had an open marriage, and liked to do stuff like bring a stripper to bed with them. Finish this lyric from the Spice Girls first single “Wannabe”. If you wanna be my lover, you gotta _____.

Beyonce is the top pick to play Simba’s girlfriend Nala in the new “Lion King”. She’s pregnant with twins, but since it’s a voice role, there’s a lot more flexibility. What are the names of the meerkat and warthog who are Simba’s friends in the film?

Bill O’Reilly renewed his Fox News contract despite $13M sexual harassment scandal. What is the name of O’Reilly’s biggest show on the Network?

Actor Adam Scott is 44 years old today. He played Ben Wyatt on “Parks and Rec” and is currently on HBO’s “Big Little Lies”. He played Will Ferrel’s Jerk of an older brother in this 2008 comedy Ferrell starred in with John C. Reilly.

“Beauty and the Beast” finally got knocked off the top spot at the box office, by Alec Baldwin. His new animated movie “The Boss Baby” debuted to $49 million. In Boss Baby, a cast member from friends voices the mother of the boss baby. Who is it?

Can you beat Kennedy?


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