1. Actor Kal Penn turns 40 this week. He is best known for his role in the Harold & Kumar movie series but now can be seen playing the White House press secretary on what political drama that stars Kiefer Sutherland?
  2. Ed Sheeran says Irish actress Saoirse Ronan once gave him a tattoo and intentionally spelled it wrong. Last year she was nominated for an Oscar for best actress for which film?
  3. Actress Amber Heard turns 31 this weekend. What celebrity was she married to up until their divorce was finalized this January?
  4. One year ago today Prince passed away from an accidental overdose. Over the years, The Purple One was romantically linked to many famous women. Which of these three was he not: Carmen Electra, Kim Basinger, or Sharon Stone?
  5. Amy Schumer ran into a mattress store in Chicago and asked if she could use their restroom. An employee let her, and Amy was thankful that on her way out, she bought the woman a $2,000 mattress. Which mattress brand features “counting sheep” in its commercials?

Can you beat Kennedy? Now three chancesĀ a day!


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