Can’t Beat Kennedy: Monday 4/24

CBK is better then ever! Now, it is three times a day at 6:45, 7:45, and 8:45!

Click above to hear the 6:45 Bethany from Westwood!

Born in China, the new Disney documentary, came in fourth at the box office this weekend. What other Disney film beat it?

The soundtrack for the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2” movie came out on Friday, and David Hasselhoff raps on a track called “Guardians Inferno.” While the Hoff’s music career was more miss than hit in the U.S. he did have a #1 hit with “Looking For Freedom” in Europe in this country that he’s often ridiculed for being far more famous in than America.

Someone started a list of Hottest Redheaded Actresses on, and the top vote-getters so far are Emma Stone, Isla Fisher, and Amy Adams with Stone topping the list. True or False: Emma is NOT a natural redhead.

28 years ago today in 1989, Massachusetts declared “New Kids on the Block Day.” They are not so new anymore. Who is the youngest member of New Kids?

Ryan Reynolds is married to Blake Lively. They met in 2011 on the set of his first lead role in a superhero film. What film was it?

Here is the 7:45, Lori from Medfield!

Kenny G played an impromptu concert on a Delta flight Saturday to help the flight attendants raise money for Relay For Life. What instrument does Kenny G play?

The “X-Files” is getting an 11th season. Fox has picked up another 10 episodes. Production will begin this summer and it will basically be a continuation of last year’s six episode season. Name the two agents eho star in the series.

Tonight is the series finale of “Bates Motel” on A&E. Which singer who is currently under fire for sharing “disrespectful photos” of the Queen of England on her Instagram account, guest starred this season?

Mel B has accused her estranged husband of impregnating their former nanny. Now, the nanny is suing her for defamation, and says the two of them actually had a relationship. Which of these celebs has NOT been busted with the nanny?

Bill O’Reilly is getting a $25 million payday on his way out of Fox News. That is a year’s worth of the four-year deal he just signed last month. Name the founder and former CEO of Fox News who also very publicly had to leave the company over multiple sexual harassment claims?

Here is the 8:45, Cody from Pelham!

Kylie Jenner was attacked by anti-fur protesters at a restaurant event in Las Vegas on Saturday. Which of the Kardashian sisters was actually flour bombed by PETA on a red carpet back in 2012?

Remember “Friday” singing viral sensation Rebecca Black? She has a new track out called “Foolish.” She was featured in this pop stars music video in 2010 for the song Last Friday Night. Who was this musician?

Kurt Russell says that he and Goldie Hawn had sex on their first date. And right in the middle of getting hot and heavy, the cops burst in, and shined their flashlights on them. Hawn’s daughter Kate Hudson was formerly married to rocker Chris Robinson. The frontman for what band?

Barbra Straisand is 75 years old today. She played Ben Stiller’s mother Roz Focker in “Meet the Fockers.” In the “Meet the Parents” Franchise what is Greg Focker’s occupation, much to the chagrin of Robert Deniro’s character Jack.

Harry Styles was asked about rumors he auditioned to play the young Han Solo. And he didn’t deny it. Which rapper, actor, and stand up comic (yes he does all of those things) was cast to play Solo’s friend young Lando Calrissian in the film?

Can you beat Kennedy?

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