Charlie Puth called Karson & Kennedy Monday morning (Apr. 24) to chat about his newest single, upcoming album, and how he got 5.1 million Instagram followers. Listen above to hear more!

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Fresh off the release of groovy new single “Attention,” the first taste of Puth’s yet-to-be-named sophomore follow-up, the talented musician is reveling in the increased attention.

Things got a bit awkward between Kennedy and the “We Don’t Talk Anymore” singer when “Pseudo-sexual Kennedy” offered to read Puth a bedtime story. Unsure of how exactly he found himself with 5.1 million followers, Puth reveals he often wonders what the formula is between boring posts and likes.

When might fans expect the follow-up to 2016’s Nine Track Mind? The singer can’t give a concrete answer just yet.
“I don’t have any dates because I’m still making it,” Puth said simply.


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