6:45 : Evelyn From Grafton

Last night was the Met Gala. What NYC institution does the Met Gala benefit?

Soccer star David Beckham turns 42 today. There is a 2002 film with his name in it. It’s called _____ it like Beckham.

The gloves Julian Edelman was wearing when he made that amazing Super Bowl catch were giving to his good friend Guy fieri’s son. Until the Patriots Hall of
Fame called looking for them. Which of the following is NOT a Guy Fieri TV show? Diners, Drive ins and Dives, Ultimate Recipe Showdown or BBQ Blitz?

Kirk Cameron says that the Bible tells us the key to a successful marriage is women being subservient to their husbands. Cameron played Mike Seaver on
Growing Pains. What now BIG TIME A-List actor had a recurring role near the end of the shows run?

84 years ago today in 1933 the first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster was reported when a couple drove by and saw “an enormous animal rolling and plunging
on the surface” of Loch Ness. What country does the Loch Ness Monster live in?

DWAYNE “THE ROCK” JOHNSON turns 45 today. What professional sport did he play before getting into wresting?

A game show created by Judge Judy is getting a six-week test run this summer. It’s called “iWitness”, and it’ll have contestants watch video clips and
images, and try to recall what they saw. Which of these three is not also a Televison court judge? – Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown or Judge Vito Verducci?

Busy Phillips admits that last year, she made more money from sponsored social media posts than she did from acting. She played Karen in this 2004 comedy
starring the Wayans brothers about 2 disgraced FBI agents who go undercover to protect wealthy heiresses from a kidnapping plot. Name the film

After being one of Kelly Ripa’s 67 guest hosts on “Live” over the past year, Ryan Seacrest was named her permanent co-host yesterday. Including Ryan,
how many full-time co-hosts has Kelly had since starting on the show in 2001?

“The Fate of the Furious” stayed on top of the Box Office for a third week with $19.4 million. But the big story this past weekend was that Tom Hanks had
one of the worst opening weekends of his career with his new movie only bringing in $9.3 million. Name his new flick that also stars Emma Watson.

8:45 Kim from Taunton

Billy Ray Cyrus is dropping the ‘Billy Ray’ and will be known as just ‘Cyrus’ as of August 25th. Let’s try that out. Name “Cyrus’s” most famous and only
top 5 billboard song.

There’s talk that Sean Hannity wants to leave Fox News now, because some of his closest allies are gone, and the network might shift away from its right
wing ideology. Who left the News station first? Megyn Kelly, Elizabeth Hasselbeck or Bill O’Reilly?

Netflix says it will add more trigger warnings to its new and very popular show “13 Reasons Why”, which is targeted at teenagers, and includes graphic
depictions of some pretty adult content. It’s about a teenage boy and his quest to uncover the story behind what.

In a new interview, President Trump said at the time of the Civil War, former president Andrew Jackson was upset about what was happening, even though
Jackson died 16 years before it started. What bill denomination has Jackson been featured on since 1928, but it was announced last year that the new bill is
going to feature Harriett Tubman instead?

71 years ago today in 1946, there was a severe prisoner riot at California’s Alcatraz prison. Which of these three prison films takes place in Alcatraz?
The Rock, Shawshank Redemption or Cool Hand Luke?


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