6:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy : Felicia From Leicester

1) Former President Barack Obama was in town last night to recieve the JFK profile in Courage Award. His daughter Malia will attend his New England based
Alma Mater after her gap year. Name the school.

2) 131 years ago today in 1886, Dr. John Pemberton came up with the secret formula for Coca-Cola syrup while cooking over a fire in his backyard. This animal
first appeared in a print ad for coke way back in 1922 and animated versions of the winter loving animal hae been appearing in commercials since 1993.
Name the animal.

3) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 won the weekend box office raking in $145 million domestic for Marvel Studios. Which of these characters is NOT in the
Marvel Universe? Star Lord, Spider-Man or Superman?

4) The Kentucky Derby took place this past weekend with the winner being “Always Dreaming”. The Derby is one part of the Triple Crown of horse racing.
Is it the longest, shortest or Middle-est or the 3 races?

5) Mark Hamil thinks “The Force Awakens” missed a great opportunity by not giving Luke and Han Solo one last moment. In the Star Wars movies what color is
Luke’s lightsaber? Red, Green Or Yellow?

7:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Elizabeth from Chelsea

1) At the “MTV Movie and TV Awards” last night, Emma Watson won Best Actor in a Movie for “Beauty and the Beast”, which also won Best Movie. What is the
name of the character Emma plays in the movie?

2) Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is heading to Fox Sports as an analyst. He’s married to this Reality TV star from “The Hills”

3) Donald Trump, prior to becoming President had a show called “The Apprentice”; the first winner was the husband of Julianna Rancic. What is his first name?

4) A lot of celebrities complain about fame, but Kevin Bacon loves it. Quote, “People are nice to you all day long for absolutely no reason. And you can get
out of tickets.” Kevin starred in “Footloose” where he brought dance to a town of people. The title song from the soundtrack also hit #1 on the charts Who
sang it?

5) Tom Bergeron turned 62 over the weekend. He is currently The host of “Dancing with the Stars” and formally “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. What other
game show was he a host of? Hollywood Squares, Deal or No Deal or Family Feud?

8:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Jessica From Braintree

1) Billy Joel Says he HATES we didn’t start the fire but he still plays it because his fans love it. Joel comes to Boston every summer and plays at this
iconic venue not normally known for concerts. Where does he play?

2) At a recent standup show, Chris Rock said he cheated on his wife with three women, one of whom was famous. A lot of people forget Rock had his own
Emmy winning late night show that ran for 5 seasons and had Louis C.K. on the writing staff. What was it called?

3) Martha Stewart and Snoop having a cooking show together on VH1. What is it called? Martha and Snoop’s Bake Off, Chef It Up with Snoop and Martha or
Martha and Snoops Potluck Dinner Party

4) “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” just isn’t getting the ratings it used to. The show is down 12 percent year over year in total viewers. It’s dropped 11
percent in the key 18-49 demographic. What season is the show in? 7th, 13th or 18th?

5) Last night “This Is Us” star Chrissy Metz clapped back at body shamers for criticizing her at the MTV Movie & TV Awards saying quote “I wear what I want
when I want, it’s MY body”. Who does she play on This Is Us?


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