6:45 Cant Beat Kennedy: Jason From Malden

1) Lethal Weapon tops a list of the “Best Buddy Cop Movies of All Time”. Bad Boys and Men In Black were also in the top five. Who stars in both films?
2) Mark Zuckerberg will turn 33 over the weekend. What avtor played Zuckerberg in the 2010 film about his time at Harvard creating Facebook?
3) In an interview with Larry King, Caitlyn Jenner said her gender reassignment surgery was quote “Not as bad as you’d think”. Name Larry’s nightly CNN talk
show that ran from 1985-2010.
4) Tracy Morgan forgives teh Walmart truck diver taht his him but he doesn’t want to meet him because the accident killed one of his best friends.
5) Steve Harvey made no apologies for his letter telling staff to leave him alone. How many currently airing TV shows is Steve on?

7:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Rebecca from West Bridgewater

1) Bindi Irwin says her mom and Russell Crowe are Just Friends. What was her dad, The Crocodile Hunters, name?
2) Actor Scotty Schwartz is 49. He is best known as “Flick”, the kid who got his tongue stuck to the frozen pole in what classic holiday movie?
3)Jessica Simpson says Sex makes her feel good about her body. The guy she has sex with, hubby Eric Johnson grew up in Needham and played what professional
4) President Trump went off on Stephen Colbert, calling him a “no talent guy”. Colbert first gained national recognition as a correspondent on what TV show?
5) There is speculation that Harry Styles wrote Two Ghosts about Taylor Swift & the internet is losing it. Which song of hers is believed to be written about Styles?

1) Today in 2002, Jimmy Carter arrived in Cuba. Making him the first President of the U.S., in or out of office, to visit Castro’s Cuba. Cuba is only 90
miles from what U.S. state?
2) Beyonce wants to trademark her daughters name but an event company has been using it for years and is blocking her efforts. What is her daughters name?
3) Dave Matthews said that his 9 year old son prefers Nirvana’s grungy guitars to the soft sound of his dad’s music. What member of Nirvana went on to found
Foo Fighters?
4) Ja Rule is personally on the hook for a $3 million loan related to the disastrous Fyre Festival. Where was the botched festival supposed to take place?
5) George Lucas will turn 73 Sunday. Which of these mega franchises is he not responsible for? Star Wars, Predator or Indiana Jones

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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