6:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Allison From Danvers

1) Tom Brady Made the cover of “Madden 18” and now fans are worried about the Madden curse. True or False: Brady is the first Patriot to grace the cover?
2) The New Miss USA is Miss District of columbia. In which city was the competition held last night? Las Vegas, New York or L.A.?
3) If the Rock Does end up running for President He won’t be the first WWE Hall of Famer to hold office. Name the first.
4) 14 years ago today June Carter Cash, wife of Johnny Cash died after heart surgery complications. Name the 2005 movie where Joaquin Phoenix played Johnny
and Reese Witherspoon played June.
5) There’s an open casting call for people to be in the next Florida Georgia Line video. All you have to do is look like the 2012 version of the group when
they broke out big with this song. – Cruise, This is How We Roll or H.O.L.Y

7:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Kim From Easton

1) Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski turned 28 yesterday. What # jersey does he wear?
2) “American Idol” is close to landing Katy Perry as its main judge but if that falls through, William Hung is “willing to consider” being a judge on the
show. Name the Ricky Martin song Hung performed on the show that gained him notoriety.
3) Actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler is 36 today. She played Tony Soprano’s daughter named _________ on “The Sopranos”.
4) Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL and they hit a seven year ratings high with her bringing back her very popular impression of the current White House Press
Secretary. What is his name? 
5) The zombie craze has officially jumped the shark. The Disney Channel is making a movie called “Zombies”, complete with song and dance numbers. Which of
these Zombie related projects came first? – Walking Dead(2010), Shaun Of The Dead(2004) or 28 days later (2002)?

8:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Dan From Andover

1) The most popular baby names of 2016 came out and “Noah” is the most popular baby name for a boy, while “Emma” tops the list for girls. Meanwhile, “Kylo”
had the biggest jump in popularity. As in Kylo Ren from what popular movie franchise?
2) During the Billy Joel show at Dodger Stadium Saturday, Axl Rose came out to sing “Big Shot” and AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell”, while Pink guest-starred on
“New York State of Mind”. Of the three acts, who has sold the most total record sales?
3) Jason Bateman has signed a deal with Netflix to do Season 5 of “Arrested Development”. Most of the Bluth family has gone on to have successful careers
in Hollywood. Name two other actors who played someone from the Bluth family.
4) Jim Parsons aka Sheldon from “The Big Bang Theory” married his boyfriend over the weekend. What tech company commercials is he featured in?
5) Actor Chazz Palminteri turns 65 today. He’s a staple as a mob figure in Hollywood movies. Which of these gangster related films was he not in?
A Bronx Tale, Analyze This or Carlito’s way?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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