By Rami Abou-Sabe

Brad Pitt stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Tuesday night (May 16) to promote his latest movie, Netflix’s War Machine.

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Colbert invited the actor to discuss life’s most pressing questions as the two lay side-by-side under the stars. Referring to each other by pet names like Bradley-Trooper and Steverino, the duo break character more than a few times as they bust out in laughter.

“Hey Brad, do you believe in life after death?” Colbert asks.

“I’m not sure… I definitely believe in death after life,” Pitt replies with a sly smile.

Other questions include, “Do clothes make the man?” “Are mathematics the underlying structure of the universe?” and “Can anyone truly know themselves?”

Pitt cleverly responds to that last one with a Fight Club reference. “Doesn’t matter,” he says “In the end, it turns out we were all Edward Norton the whole time.”

Check out Pitt and Colbert’s full skit up top.


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