Can’t Beat Kennedy: Friday 5/19

6:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Lindsey From Londonderry

1) The Rock’s first time was in a park and the cops interrupted him.They wanted to make sure his girlfriend wasn’t being attacked. The Rock’s partner,
Lauren Hashian, is the daughter of Sib Hashian, drummer for this famous local Boston band
2) Courtney Love will play the mom in Lifetime’s upcoming Menendez brothers movie, “Menendez: Blood Brothers”. Courtney Love was married to Kurt Cobain from
1992 until he died in 1994 by what?
3) 133 years ago today The Ringling Brothers debuted in Baraboo, Wisconsin. In 1919 ringling brothers merged with this company that called itself the
greatest show on earth. It’s called _____ and Bailey’s.
4) Netflix is nearing a deal for a movie told from the perspective of Michael Jackson’s famous pet chimp. What is the chimps name?
5) Rachel Platten turns 36 tomorrow. The Mixfest alum can be seen in a commercial for what insurance company that has also used Peyton Manning?

7:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Ben From Boston

1) After all that concussion talk, Patriots fans are worried that Gisele is trying to get Tom Brady to retire. How tall is the famous supermodel? 5’5, 5’11
or 6’5?
2) Rock star Chris Cornell passed away yesterday. His death has been ruled a suicide. Which of these 90’s grunge groups was Cornell in.
Soundgarden Nirvana or Pearl Jam?
3) Singer Sam Smith, Real House Wife Kim Zolciak and former Celtic Star Kevin Garnett all celebrate birthday’s today. Which is turning 39?
4) The contestants for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette were announced yesterday & being called the most diverse group in franchise history.
The spin off show Bachelor in Paradise takes place where?
5) Sig Hansen from “Deadliest Catch” was arrested for spitting on an Uber driver and kicking his car. What body of water do they fish on the Deadliest Catch
and other Discovery reality shows?

8:45 Can’t Beat Kennedy: Christine From Westport

1) “Alien: Covenant” hits theaters this weekend. It’s up against the fourth “Diary of the Wimpy Kid” movie. Name the director of the Alien franchise who’s
also directed Bladerunner, Gladiator and The Martian.
2) According to a new study, only 77% of women under 24 now shave their ARMPITS. Venus razors has a catchy slogan in their commercials and it goes like
I’m your venus, I’m your fire, your _________?
3) Liev Schreiber is dating Morgan Brown, an interior designer who used to date Gerard Butler. Is Gerard Scottish, Irish, or Australian?
4) 38 years ago today, “In The Navy”, from the Village People peaked at number three on the Billboard charts. TRUE or FALSE : their song Y.M.C.A. hit number
1 that same year.
5) Cher is 71 years old today. Name her former pop duo and life partner who died in a tragic skiing accident in 1998. 

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