By Rami Abou-Sabe

Karson, Kennedy, and Salt caught up with Liam Payne this week to talk about the former One Direction star’s new album. Liam reflected on branching out as a solo artist and shared some wild stories about his buddy Ed Sheeran.

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“We’ve been doing this calmly and quietly now for the better part of a year, and I didn’t expect to be in this position,” Payne said about his solo release. “To be in the position to release a record that I truly love is great. Best thing ever.”

“I’ve got so many strange Ed Sheeran stories,” Payne revealed. “I had a fight with him in his garden with a melon.”

When pressed by K&K to reveal what lead to the melon fight, and more importantly – who won – the musician explained it was a just a game. “We were playing real life Fruit Ninja,” Payne said referencing the addictive mobile game.

Check out the full interview to hear more from Liam, and find out why he’s afraid of spoons.

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