6:45 Sarah From North Oxford

1. 51 years ago today 16-year-old Bruce Springsteen recorded his first song, “That’s What You’ll Get” with his then band “The Castiles”. Which of these is
NOT a Bruce Springsteen song? Glory Days, Born In The USA or Hurt So Good
2. Hugh Jackman legitimately did not know a wolverine was a real thing when he was cast in the first “X-Men” movie. Wolverines are not indigenous to
Jackman’s homeland. Where is he from?
3. Apolo Ohno is 35. Before winning season 4 of Dancing with the Stars and doing commercials for Mcdonalds and Subway he was the face of the U.S. Winter
Olympic team for winning multiple gold medals in what sport? 
4. On SNL over the weekend, The Rock announced his candidacy for President and selected Tom Hanks as his running mate. Tom was the 2nd actor to win
back-to-back Best Actor Oscars, for his work in Philadelphia in 1993 and what 1994 movie?
5. The FCC says it has received almost 6,000 complaints about Stephen Colbert’s sex joke about President Trump and Vladimir Putin. What does FCC stand for?

7:45 Kim From Milton

1. Five years ago today PHILIP PHILIPS won the eleventh season of “American Idol”. His song “Home” was used in the 2012 Olympics which were held in?
2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on this day in 1859. He famously penned the adventures of this London super sleuth who is still very much alive in pop
culture today through movies and T.V. shows
3. Even Kate Upton isn’t always happy with her body. Quote, “Everybody has moments where they don’t feel confident in a bikini.”. She’s engaged to Justin
Verlander who plays what sport?
4. Steve Harvey divorced his second wife Mary back in 2005 but now she’s suing him for $60 million. Harvey was part of the hugely successful comedy group
with Cedric The Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Bernie Mac known as the ______?
5. Prince’s sister and five half-siblings were named the beneficiaries of his estate. According to court filings from late 2016 approximately how much is
Prince’s estate worth? 100, 200 or 300 million?

8:45 Nadine From Gloucester

1. Adam Sandler is getting rave reviews for his new movie, “The Meyerowitz Stories”. He and Ben Stiller play the sons of a New York sculptor, played by
Dustin Hoffman. Hoffman also played Stiller’s dad in what comedy franchise?
2. Billy Bush says he’s grateful for what he got out of the Donald Trump / Grab-’em-by-the-you-know-what scandal. He says it’s made him a better man.
The scandal took place behind the scenes on set of the show Bush hosted from 2004-2016. What’s the show?
3. There’s a “Mamma Mia” sequel in the works called “Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again”. Which 2 actresses played the mother/daughter duo in the 2008 film?
4. Saturday’s season finale of SNL marked the last show for cast members Bobby Moynihan, Sasheer Zamata & Vanessa Bayer. Which of those cast members had
been on SNL the longest?
5. Vice President Mike Pence gave the commencement speech at Notre Dame, and about 100 students walked out. The protest was planned in advance. Before
becoming VP, he was Governor of which mid-western state?


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