6:45 Randy From Bellingham
1) 83 years ago today this infamous bank robbing couple’s reign came to an end after over a dozen banks and countless general stores. They’re still
referenced in pop culture today in movies and songs. Their names were Bonnie and ____.
2) 33 years ago today “Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom” was released. What is Indiana Jones’s Profession?
3) A Florida man wants $300 million from the movie “Titanic” because he claims he was the inspiration for Jack Dawson, the fictional character played by
Leonardo Dicaprio. Who famously performed on the deck right up until the ship sank attempting to calm the passengers?
4) Katy Perry did Carpool Karaoke with James Corden last night & called out Taylor Swift saying it’s up to her to end their feud.
TRUE or FALSE: Taylor has done Carpool Karaoke before?
5) Monica Lewinsky wrote a piece for the New York Times” about how Roger Ailes used her sex scandal to build Fox News into a cable juggernaut. What year did
the Clinton sex scandal break? 1994 or 1998?

7:45 Kim from North Easton

1) Elton John says he’s glad he was around before the “MTV generation,” because at that point, quote, “A lot of the artistry went out of the music.”
What still working TV personality hosted one of MTV’s most successful shows “Total Request Live” a.k.a “TRL”?
2) A bartender at a London hotel got fired for sleeping with a guest. A guest who just happened to be Orlando Bloom. What celebrity did Bloom very
publicly punch in the face in Ibiza back in 2014?
3) Bill Pullman gave the commencement address at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, North Carolina . . . and used some of his dialog from “Independence Day”.
What was his character in the film?
4) The “Angry Birds” sequel is coming in September of 2019. Angry birds are trying to save their eggs from what color pigs?
5) Drew Carey turns 59 today. What former CBS late night talk show host played Drew’s boss on the Drew Carey Show?

8:45 Sam From Quincy
1) Ken Jennings turns 43 years old today. He’s known for when he earned more than $3 million dollars on a game show by winning 74 STRAIGHT episodes.
Name the show.
2) Five years ago today Adam Lambert became the first openly gay artist to debut at number one on the “Billboard” 200 chart, with his album “Trespassing”.
He is currently the lead singer for what classic rock band?
3) On “Live with Kelly and Ryan” yesterday, Zac Efron did his Michael Jackson impression. Zac’s doing media rounds to promote what movie he stars in with
The Rock that comes out the 25th?
4) Megyn Kelly’s new Sunday night show will air at 7:00 P.M. on NBC, which puts it up directly against what longtime CBS program that features a stopwatch
in its opening?
5) Apparently David Letterman kind of thinks Amy Schumer is the new Richard Pryor. Name the actor, who died last August, Pryor worked with on many movies
including stir crazy, Silver Streak and See No Evil Hear No Evil.

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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