Jonas explained about how being "able to sing with a smile on his face is a really nice feeling."

By Abby Hassler

Nick Jonas wrote a new track while on tour last year and recently spent time talking about his songwriting process in the brand new issue of The HERO Summer Zine.

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The former Jonas Brother talked about how he used to believe he had to have all his music be “completely cohesive” and “a singular thought.” With this new track, he views this project as a freeing creative opportunity.

“For a while, I used songwriting as a way to process my emotions, and in my head that always needed to be heavy, or the songs needed to have a darkness to them,” he explained. “Whereas now I am open to singing about positive things, to be able to sing with a smile on my face is a really nice feeling.”

Jonas has not yet announced the title of the new track but it arrives tomorrow (May 25) at midnight.

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