6:45am Steve from Hampton

Charlie Sheen says “Major League 3” is ready to go, with the original cast as long as he can get financing. The baseball team featured in Major League is the Cleveland_________?
The Energizer Bunny ad campaign was famous, but it didn’t help sales with sales actually decreasing the years it ran. What color is the energizer bunny?
Despite being almost positive she wouldn’t return, things have changed & Lisa Vanderpump will be present on the next season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She recently opened up a shelter for her favorite animal. Name the animal.
Apparently no one is buying tickets for Mariah Carey & Lionel Richie’s tour which has resulted in blaming each other & a new price of just $30 per ticket. Who has more Grammys?
Val Kilmer took to Twitter to express his excitement about reprising his role as who in the Top Gun sequel?


7:45am Bonnie from Quincy

Nancy O’Dell says Billy Bush emailed her a few weeks ago to apologize for the “Access Hollywood” tape with Trump and they’re good. What entertainment news magazine show is O’Dell currently on?
Tom Cruise says “Top Gun 2” will start shooting, “probably in the next year.” What branch of the military is Cruise’s character, Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, in?

12 years ago today, Carrie Underwood defeated Bo Bice to become what # “American Idol”?

Boston College women’s lacrosse will be making their first final 4 appearance against the Navy tomorrow. What is the Boston College mascot?

8:45am Amanda from Haverhill

46 years after its release, Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” finally has an official music video. Is Elton John 60, 70 or 80?
Brad Pitt was once rejected for a guest-starring role on “Cheers” because they didn’t think he was funny. Ted Danson’s character, Sam Malone, played for which Boston Pro Team?
13 Going on 30 with Jennifer Garner is coming to Netflix next month. This actor who plays the Hulk in the Marvel movies played opposite her in the film. Who is he?
25 years ago today, Jay Leno made his debut as full-time host of the “Tonight Show”, succeeding the legendary Johnny Carson. Leno grew up in what town north of Boston?
Every time DJ Jazzy Jeff was on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, he wore the same outfit so they could reuse the footage of him getting thrown out of the front door. Who would always throw him out of the house?


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