6:45 Kelly From Quincy

1) In celebration of Wonder Woman and her many female fans, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin has announced a women only showing of the upcoming movie.
Wonder Woman has a lasso that can do what? Make you tell the truth or freeze time?
2) Which of these iconic cartoon characters works in a nuclear power plant? Peter Griffin, Popeye or Homer Simpson?
3) Ben & Jerry’s banned same flavored scoops to support the same sex marriage push in Australia in all 26 of its locations in that country.
What competing ice cream company is known for its slogan of “31 flavors”
4) Actress Helena Bonham Carter who starred in Harry Potter and Fight Club turns 51 years old today. She was in a relationship and has two children with
this famous director who casted her in all his movies during their relationship.
5) T.J. Miller is leaving HBO’s Silicon Valley after season 4. Miller currently stars in two seperate commercial ads, one as a talking ball of mucus and
one as Greg the Genie. Name one of the two brands he’s promoting in the spots.

7:45 Ben From Boston

1) 75% of us will go to a barbecue this Memorial Day Weekend. It’s the second most-popular holiday for grilling. Which is the first?
2) Scott Disick turns 34 today. Which Kardashian sister does he have 3 kids with?
3) John F. Kennedy would’ve turned 100 years old on Memorial Day. What does the “F” stand for?
4) Burger King has officially brought back cheetos filled with mac n cheese to their menu. True or false, Burger King is also responsible for chicken fries?
5) As a gesture of solidarity, the Boston Globe sent pizza to the staff at the Manchester Evening News. According to Business Insider, what is the most
popular pizza chain in Massachusetts? PAPA GINOS, LITTLE CEASARS, PIZZA HUT

8:45 Elaine From West Roxbury

1) The “Game of Thrones” Season 7 trailer got 61 million views in its first 24 hours. What is the name of the House who resides in Winterfell and controls
the North?
2) The Indy 500 takes place this weekend. As is the tradition the winner of the race gets handed a bottle of what?
3) 23 years ago today Michael Jackson married his first wife. The daughter of a famous musician. What is her name?
4) Mel B. aka Scary Spice turns 42 on Memorial Day. What reality competition show is she a judge on?
5) Sophia Bush is leaving her lead role on NBCs Chicago PD after 4 seasons. NBC has made a franchise out of creating an interconnected universe of TV shows
dealing with different Public service fields in Chicago. How many different shows are in the franchise?

Can YOU Beat Kennedy?


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